Our mission is to provide affordable Electric Power facility and Industry& Telecommunication Infrastructure services to people in ASEAN countries, African and Latin American states and help bridge the construction of infrastructural facilities.
•85% of the world’s populations live in developing countries. A large fraction of them lived in countries with per capital GDP of a few thousand dollars or less. Power shortages and poor communication facilities are the great obstacles to the economic development of these areas. Our approach to solving these problems is to innovate to deliver most affordable and the highest performance individual ICT facilities & New Energy & Electrical and end to end solution.
•TOM was founded in 2004 by three co-founders who have working experience in world-class enterprise in Low-voltage Electric and New energy & Computing application & Telecommunication field while combined 10+ industry experience in China. In October 2013 TOM and his partner provided power facilities and IT solution to power the 27th SEA Games in 4 cities in Myanmar.
•Our team is made up of people who are highly motivated and capable. More importantly they are determined to solve any problems that are in the way of delivering great products and realizing our mission. We currently focus on realizing facilities and solutions for the first phase while laying foundation for the second phase. The success of local businesses in developing country is not only important for creating local jobs but also critical for ensuring long-term sustainability of its progress towards a more developed country. We understood above challenges while we are committed to innovate to  design and deliver most affordable and the highest performing capabilities!