key Value Proposition 

Tometek’s motto is「 Brave to try ,Commitment to excellence 」

We focus on innovation, constantly pursue excellence, and are committed to research and development of products with excellent design and high reliability, to build a bridge between the public and ever-changing technology.

Spirit of Innovative

Tometek firmly believes that continuous technological R&D investment and exploration are the key factors that drive the world forward. We go all out to seek breakthroughs in technology, and always think about how to apply the most reliable technology to our life, so as to bring value to society. Since the establishment of the company, we have used the professional knowledge of the team to continuously explore more possibilities in product design and use the latest technology to create a better user experience.

Quality Guarantee

At tometek, we strive to provide partners with a better user experience, uphold strict standards, and relentlessly pursue top quality.

Social Responsibility

We set the goal of "achieving beauty with smaller things". The structure of LIJINICT products is becoming more and more compact, the size and weight become lighter, the power consumption is also reduced, and it is more environmentally friendly. We ensure that our products are strictly in accordance with international and industry standards, and make due contributions to reducing carbon emissions, energy and water consumption, and protecting the environment and the sustainable development of the Earth.

Core Values

Continuously improve customer satisfaction, win-win, honesty, hard work.